Josh’s Story

20160111Josh in photo shoot 2_May 2015Trillium Health Partners is providing crucial mental health services in support of our children and youth—kids like Josh.

Josh was only 15 when he was diagnosed with depression and anxiety. Prior to his diagnosis, he’d begun to distance himself from others and lost interest in things.

He tried to cope on his own, but left school one day battling suicidal thoughts. “I just felt like I didn’t want to be here anymore,” he remembers.

“That day, I ran towards the train tracks near my house. The only thing that stopped me was my little brother Tyler, who told me through his tears that he didn’t want to lose his big brother.”

Tyler called 911 and waited with Josh for the ambulance to arrive. Josh was rushed to the Emergency Department (ED) at Mississauga Hospital, which recently opened the doors of our Mental Health Care Zone for emergency patients to avoid the noise and bustle of the regular ED.

At the ED, Josh was treated by an integrated team of health-care professionals, including nurses, a physician, a psychiatrist, and a social worker.

Later, Josh spoke with a THP crisis worker who connected him with THP’s Teen Running Therapy Program, an innovative 12-week program where young people meet to listen to inspirational speakers, share their own stories, and go for non-competitive group runs.

Young people learn how to manage their depression and gain confidence through the meetings and running.

It works. Today, Josh is a graduate of the Program, acts as a Program volunteer, and recently ran a 10 kilometer race in an impressive 57 minutes.

He also speaks at local high schools about his experiences, to help others. “When we give,” he remarks, “we’re saving lives.”

“Trillium Health Partners saved my life. Many people gave to me, and now I’m giving back to the community to help others. Mental illness can be beaten—we can do this together.”

>> There are many like Josh in our community. Support mental health recovery by making a donation to the Mental Health program at Trillium Health Partners.

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