A New Vision for Ophthalmology

Introducing Dr. Ike Ahmed

Dr. Ike Ahmed is too modest to say so, but he is world-renowned for his treatment of cataracts and glaucoma. “I was drawn to Ophthalmology because cataracts and glaucoma are horrible diseases that call for innovative treatment solutions,” explains the Head of the Division of Ophthalmology.Dr. Ike Ahmed, Head of the Division of Ophthalmology

The Kothari Family Innovation Trust
Trillium Health Partners is pleased to announce that Dr. Ahmed’s innovative work will now be supported in part through the Kothari Family Innovation Trust, a $1 million health care fund for the dedicated purpose of advancing innovations in patient-first care that have practical applications, like reducing wait times and increasing accessibility.

Each year the fund will support innovations in cardiac health and ophthalmology. The Kothari family will collaborate with Trillium Health Partners’ Program Chiefs each year to determine the best allocation of the Innovation Trust’s funds, and will begin by supporting Dr. Ahmed’s work.

A Natural Innovator
Before Dr. Ahmed’s innovative work, treatment lagged. “There were only two choices, both of them bad,” says Dr. Ahmed.

“You’d either put ten drops in your eye every day for life,” he recounts, “or you underwent extremely invasive surgery that had a high-complication rate, was a high risk for infection, and frequently resulted in permanent eye damage.”

A natural innovator, Dr. Ahmed is the ideal recipient of this fund. He is the inventor of Microinvasive Glaucoma Surgery (MIGS), a surgical method for the treatment of glaucoma. Dr. Ahmed is able to perform intricate eye surgery without damaging patients’ eyes partly because of the surgical instruments that he has invented, including diamond scalpels.

Because of Dr. Ahmed’s work, patients and physicians come from around the world to receive treatment and observe his techniques. Dr. Ahmed himself spends much time abroad teaching others so that entire communities may regain their sight.

Dr. Ahmed currently has a new innovative program to implement. The Electronic Cataract Appropriateness and Prioritization System (e-CAPS) is an initiative that reduces wait times and provides care to those who need it most by triaging cataracts patients based on need, instead of the current provincial first-come basis of care. Through e-CAPS the most severe cases will now be treated first.

Trillium Health Partners thanks the Kothari family for their generosity and for sharing our vision for quality, accessible, and sustainable health care in our community.

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