Valued Friend Lives the Spirit of Giving

Marketing professional Bill Moir was for many years the unseen hand that guided Tim Hortons into the quintessential Canadian brand, making the double-double ubiquitous and the annual roll-up-the rim contest a national event.

Bill Moir
Valued friend and supporter, Bill Moir

But if you asked him, he’d tell you that he’s more proud that he shaped Tim Hortons to embody the Canadian values of decency and dependability, partially through the Smile Cookie program and the Tim Horton Children’s Foundation, which he was president of until last year. It’s about the spirit of giving back for Bill Moir.

A Valued Friend of THP
Bill Moir has also long been a valued friend of Trillium Health Partners, having given in service, philanthropy, and community engagement. He has also given of his time and expertise in service on the Board of Trillium Health Partners Foundation, and has fostered many meaningful community and corporate relationships that have further supported Trillium Health Partners’ delivery of exceptional patient-centred care.

A Comfortable, Home-Like Setting
The horseshoe-shaped Complex Continuing Care wing at Queensway Health Centre was built as part of the second stage of the general expansion of the Queensway General Hospital from 1962 to 1965. It is home to long-term patients who live with chronic and complex health conditions like heart disease and neurological disorders. The average stay is sixty days.

Bill and his family recognized an opportunity to contribute to Complex Continuing Care (CCC) when Mrs. Carol Moir, Bill’s wife, received care at our hospital. After this experience, they wanted to give back to help make a more home-like space for long-term patients and their families.

Together, we made this vision a reality in our new and expanded CCC space. This facility is designed to create a comforting environment and exceptional experience for patients and their families as they receive longer-term care, in part, through the generous philanthropic gift from the Moir family.

Trillium Health Partners is pleased to recognize and honour Bill Moir and the Moir family by naming this space The Moir Family Centre for Complex Continuing Care.

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