About Us

Trillium Health Partners Foundation works across our community to raise the crucial funds needed to advance the highest priority needs of Trillium Health Partners. Our three sites –Credit Valley Hospital, Mississauga Hospital and Queensway Health Centre – together form one of the largest community academic hospitals in Canada.

Our Mission

Our Foundation’s mission is to inspire our community to invest in a new kind of health care for a healthier community.

Community support ensures our hospital can deliver a full range of exceptional, accessible and sustainable health care services today while innovating to meet the challenges of tomorrow.

Growing numbers, increased complexity

Our vast and complex West GTA community is one of the most culturally diverse in the world, with a rising number of children and an even faster growth in seniors, most with multiple chronic conditions, and mounting income inequality. These factors mean growing patient volumes and increasingly complex health care needs.

As a result, Trillium Health Partners will expe­rience more demand for acute services in the next 20 years than any other hospital in Ontario as our population grows by 45 per cent to 3.2 million across Mississauga, Peel Region, west Toronto and surrounding areas.

Creating a New Kind of Health Care

To meet our community’s needs, we must create a new kind of health care that is more complete, inclusive and efficient. That means developing an interconnected system that addresses the health needs of the community, inside and outside the hospital walls, centering health services around patients and their families.

To realize our vision, we will build new hospital capacity, adopt new technologies and support an ecosystem of partnerships and networks for a healthier community, guided by leading-edge health system research from our dedicated research institute.

Who We Are

That’s who Trillium Health Partners Foundation is. And that’s why we raise funds for Trillium Health Partners—because government support is not enough. We raise funds for Trillium Health Partners so that you can continue to receive the very best health care, in your community, without being referred to downtown Toronto.

We Need Your Help

Your help is essential to achieve our vision.

Decades ago, community support helped establish each of our three hospital sites. Your generosity today will allow us to realize our bold vision for a new kind of health care to meet the needs of our growing region.