Credit Valley Hospital Celebrates Expansion!

The health care needs of our growing community have changed a lot in the years since our Credit Valley Hospital site was built.

Just prior to beginning redevelopment of the original section of the hospital—built in 1985—our Emergency Department (ED) provided urgent care for over 100,000 patient visits each year in a space originally designed to treat only 55,000.

During this time, expansion of our clinical spaces was unable to keep pace with growth and the changing needs of our community. While our Diagnostic Imaging (DI) department continued to provide tests and images for the entire hospital despite significant space constraints, our Surgery and Critical Care facilities needed to be split across multiple units in the hospital in order to meet patient needs.

To realize our commitment to a new kind of health care for a healthier community, we have reconfigured our hospital while continuing to provide quality care. Our new ED is nearly 50 percent larger and has been redesigned with long, open sightlines and lots of natural light. We’ve also added special care pods, private triage rooms for patient confidentiality, and dedicated wait and treatment spaces for vulnerable patients like our children and those in emotional distress.

With the opening of our new and expanded DI facilities, we added new CT and X-Ray machines to help produce the nearly 700,000 diagnostic services that DI performs each year.

Our Surgery department has been consolidated into one patient and family friendly area, with new and reconfigured operating suites, as well as expanded patient areas for enhanced privacy, recovery, and family support. We have also built a dedicated operating suite for our new Robotics Assisted Surgery program.

Critical Care facilities have now been consolidated into one spacious, modernized facility for enhanced patient care, privacy, and support—including private rooms, quiet rooms for families, a medical teaching space, and a centralized nursing station.

We have come a long way with the help of our supporters, donors, and volunteers to create the right patient spaces for exceptional patient experiences.

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