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We are Trillium Health Partners Foundation.

And We, Need You!

What Does It Take To Build World Class Health Care, Closer To Home?

It takes tremendous community support.

We are Trillium Health Partners Foundation and our mission is to inspire you to invest in a new kind of health care.

With the support of people just like you, we raise funds for Trillium Health Partners — because government support is not enough.

Through Trillium Health Partners Foundation, we raise funds for Credit Valley Hospital, Mississauga Hospital, and Queensway Health Centre so that you, your family, your friends and your neighbours can continue to receive the very best health care, in your community, without being referred to downtown Toronto.

The funds raised in our community help to fund new equipment, leading-edge technology, ground breaking research and so much more for Mississauga, west Toronto, and the surrounding communities.

The Need Is Greater Than Ever

Annual Patient Visits

1.6 M

The highest patient volumes in Ontario

Births per year


More than any other Ontario hospital

Surgeries per year


More than any other Ontario hospital

Each year over 1.6 million people from our community come through our doors. Be it for births, cancer treatment or for emergency medical care, we provide the highest quality, accessible health care that helps ensure people in our community are able to stay in our community for their care.

And this is where we need you.

We need caring, committed people from our community to join us in continued support of high quality health care, closer to home.

If you value having high quality health care right here in your community, then please consider making a donation today or sign up below to learn more about how you can get involved in creating a healthier community for your family, your friends and your neighbours today.

Join us. We’re Better Together

Will you sign up to help build stronger health care in your community?

We are designing our health-care services entirely around patients’ needs, ensuring access to the right care, in the right place, and at the right time.

The result is the creation of an interconnected system of care between our hospitals and the community that provides access to sustainable health care with exceptional patient experiences—every time, no matter what time of day, or which of our three sites you choose.

This is what a new kind of health care looks like.

To achieve this, we need to support patients and their families at every step of their health-care journey. We will continue to contribute to the building of signature patient spaces, acquire important new technologies, and support the hospital’s commitment to practical innovations through applied research and education.

But we can’t do it alone. We need your help, we need our community’s help. Together, we can ensure accessible, sustainable, and high quality health care today—and for generations of families to come.

Trillium Health Partners serves Mississauga, west Toronto, and the surrounding communities. Learn more about Trillium Health Partners.