60 Years of Exceptional Patient Care for West Toronto

This year marks the 60th anniversary of Queensway Health Centre. Built in 1956 and opened as Queensway General Hospital, our Queensway Health Centre site is a perfect example of a hospital that continuously transforms itself to meet the changing health care needs of the community it serves.

Trillium Health Partners, Queensway Health Centre

A History of Community Responsiveness
Queensway General Hospital was the first hospital to be built between Toronto and Oakville. To this day, Queensway Health Centre continues to be the primary health facility for southwest Toronto and was for many years the largest day surgery centre in North America.

In response to rapid population growth during the 1960s, the hospital more than doubled in size to over 300 beds.

To ensure that we provide comprehensive regional care, Queensway merged with Mississauga Hospital in 1998 and became the ambulatory care centre for Trillium Health Centre.

Once again, Queensway is evolving to meet our patients’ needs—this time by redeveloping an entire wing for our complex continuing care patients. Happy anniversary, Queensway Health Centre.

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