Exceptional Cancer Care for New Mom

Tracy HurstA proud new mother nursed her eight-month-old baby daughter and during that tender moment felt a lump in her breast. Grateful patient Tracy Hurst visited her family doctor who immediately referred her for an ultrasound.

In less than two hours the results came back and Tracy’s reality was forever changed: “I was in total shock,” she remarks. “I had a newborn and was still adjusting to all of the changes a baby brings to your life.”

Tracy had breast cancer and was told that she had a tumour in her breast that measured nine centimetres as well as tumours in her lymph nodes.

“But this is where it gets good,” she says. “That’s because Trillium Health Partners really stepped up and got me through the whole thing.”

Trillium Health Partners’ Rapid Response
Reflecting back, Tracy feels that our hospital’s rapid response in diagnosing and treating her cancer was critical to her positive health outcome.

It wasn’t easy. A chemotherapy treatment course was followed up with surgery and five weeks of radiation.

“Having cancer is a series of struggles,” says Program Chief of Oncology Dr. Sameena Uddin. “Our team is very good at helping patients and their families with those struggles in addition to providing advanced treatments.”

Individualized Cancer Care—Closer to Home
Throughout Tracy’s cancer journey, she most recalls what got her through her various treatments, not the treatments themselves. “I really valued the clear communication, the kindnesses, and constant attention I received from everyone,” she reflects. “I could tell that they really cared about me as a person.”

“We need to be extremely sensitive to them as people,” Dr. Uddin continues, “because caring for people is a critical part of the overall care process.”

Now, nearly eight years cancer-free, Tracy is filled with gratitude to Trillium Health Partners and our community supporters who have made our Carlo Fidani Regional Cancer Centre among the best in the province—and with the shortest radiation wait times in Ontario from physician referral to first consultation.

“Whenever someone gives to Trillium Health Partners’ cancer care, they’re making sure that families are supported so that mothers like me can be there for our children.”

>> Did you know that the new Michèle S. Darling Women’s Imaging and Assessment Centre at our Credit Valley Hospital site provides diagnostic screening and prevention services in one accessible location for the early detection of breast cancer? Please make a donation today in support of women’s health at Trillium Health Partners.