Celebrate Your Canada—Celebrate Your Community

Our country represents hope and opportunity for all who are born here, and for all who now call it their home, too. As a country, we are Better Together.

Trillium Health Partners is celebrating Canada’s 150th birthday by celebrating our community now—and for generations to come.

Over 8,000 babies are born each year at our hospital, and that means 8,000+ birthdays for our community. We are committed to our community’s health and wellness—and always will be.

To show our enduring care for our community, we are posting pictures on our Instagram channel of the first 150 babies born at our hospital starting on Canada Day. Join the celebration.

For us, these babies represent the future of our community—and the future of Canada. So celebrate with us as we celebrate with you. Happy Canada Day!

>> Please celebrate Canada’s 150th with a donation to our Children’s Health program, the very program that brings in over 8,000 babies into our community each year.