From the Estate of Dr. Ian and Mrs. Jayne Munro

Munro Gift AnnouncementOn December 3, 2015, our hospital recognized Dr. Ian and Mrs. Jayne Munro for their meaningful estate gift of $4 million to Trillium Health Partners.

The Munros were passionate about health and wellness for all Canadians, and were deeply committed to establishing quality health care in our community and believed wholly in Trillium Health Partners mission to create a new kind of health care for a healthier community.

Dr. Munro was an internationally recognized authority on toxicology and co-founded Cantox Inc., a local toxicology and health sciences consulting company. A woman of tremendous ability, Mrs. Munro managed the family’s financial interests and their family farm, Craigbyrne.

We are truly thankful for their generosity and support of cancer care at Trillium Health Partners.  Their gift will help cancer patients in our community experience comprehensive, sustainable and accessible care, close to home.

Through their estate gift, the Munro family has established a legacy of impact that will support the future needs of health care at Trillium Health Partners.  This is an investment in our hospital that will last for generations to come and for that we are sincerely grateful.