Meet Our Cardiac Fellows

Trillium Health Partners is internationally recognized for its interventional cardiology program, which boasts the fastest average time for unblocking coronary arteries at our catheterization laboratory—in under 70 minutes (well below the provincial guideline of 90 minutes).

Last year, THP partnered with downtown Toronto’s St. Michael’s Hospital to create the Trillium-St. Michael’s Collaborative Program for Interventional Cardiology, adding more prestige to Trillium’s world-class cardiac program.

This innovative partnership allows the program’s Fellows to gain regular rotations at both hospitals’ cath labs. Fellows are physicians who gain additional training with experts in their chosen fields.

Dr. Wassef
Dr. Wassef, Cardiac Fellow

“I would definitely recommend Trillium Health Partners to candidates considering interventional cardiology,” says Fellow Dr. Anthony Wassef. “It is an exceptional training experience that complements my work at St. Michael’s.” Dr. Wassef completed medical school at the University of Saskatchewan and specialized cardiology training in Winnipeg before coming to St. Michael’s.

Dr. Hamid studied medicine at the University of Manchester and did a residency at Toronto General Hospital.

Both Fellows were drawn to Trillium Health Partners because of the high volume of procedures, opportunity to work on a broad range of cases, and the reputation of the clinical team and program.

Dr. Hamid
Dr. Hamid, Cardiac Fellow

“At Trillium Health Partners we have the opportunity to experience a variety of cases that complement our training downtown,” says Dr. Wassef.

Trillium Health Partners is celebrating 15 years of emergency cardiac care. Learn more about our leading Cardiac Health program.