From Couch to 5k

Running seems relatively simple. Lace up your running shoes and just put one foot in front of the other at a moderate pace. In your mind, running 5K seems effortless.

RunningThe only thing is, when you barely make it to the end of the block gasping for air, you realize that it’s harder than it looks. It seems impossible to think that one day you’ll consider yourself a runner.

The good news is you can be a runner. Today you might have made it to the end of the block, but tomorrow you will make it around the corner. No matter how far you go, you’re still a runner.

Running is not only a great way of getting in shape, but it’s a great way to get healthy – body and mind. There are a lot of health benefits to running. It boosts the body’s immune system. It decreases stress. It improves your mood. It strengthens the heart and lungs. It improves circulation. And it even strengthens bones. The great thing is you don’t have to be a marathon runner to experience the benefits of running.

If you started running tomorrow, by the time the Alterna Bread & Honey race happens — June 5, 2016 in support our Neurosciences Program at Mississauga Hospital — you could be ready. Don’t worry, though, if you’re not ready to train for a 5K run, there’s also the option to run 1K.

So, now that you’ve decided to register, where do you start? Here are links to apps that will help you get off the couch and across the finish line.

Couch to 5K Running App
Run 5k for iOS App