Annual General Meeting — Working Together

Thank you to all who made our Annual General Meeting (AGM) such a resounding success across our three sites on June 2nd. And thank you to all who made 2015 such a remarkable year for Trillium Health Partners—the best yet in our amalgamated history. This year Trillium Health Partners Foundation raised $32.1 million for our hospital! We are indeed better together—and now better than ever.

Jon Montgomery
Jon Montgomery at THP

This year, we were honoured to have 2010 Olympic gold medallist Jon Montgomery as our keynote speaker. Drawing from his experience as a high-performance athlete, Montgomery spoke about how organizations like ours can achieve our collective goals through the courage of working collaboratively every day.

THP President and CEO Michelle DiEmanuele echoed Montgomery’s remarks by observing that we are “in the zone” and already seeing the results of this courage as we continue to work together on this sustained journey to realize our vision of advancing a new kind of health care for a healthier community.

THP Board Chair Edward Sellers followed up with an engaging and detailed history of the Queensway Health Centre site—which celebrates its 60th anniversary this year—and a comprehensive recounting of the year’s singular achievements at THP.

Once again, thank you all for such a splendid year!

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