Mr. Greene’s story

Mr. Greene is a 71-year-old widower living alone who was referred to our Seniors’ Outpatient Project because of his chronic medical conditions that affected his loneliness and depression.

Mr. Greene had severe health and life challenges, including an urgent (ischemic) stroke in 2015, ongoing atrial fibrillation (an irregular heart rhythm), hypertension, sleep apnea, and social isolation.

Through our Seniors’ Outpatient Project, we have become adept at detecting depression in seniors because primary care physicians can now refer at-risk patients, like our vulnerable seniors, instead of them seeking treatment during crisis situations at the Emergency Department.

Our care manager collaborated with Mr. Greene’s family doctor and managed his care together.  His Systematic Case Review by the whole team enabled an individualized care-plan for Mr. Greene that treated his physical and mental symptoms together.

Mr. Greene followed his care-plan.  It resulted in better health, improved confidence, and increased trust in his care team.  The care team encouraged Mr. Greene to self-manage his health by leaving his home daily, renewing his driver’s licence, and joining a seniors’ yoga group.

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