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Trillium Health Partners is transforming lives through innovative health care programs, patient-first care, and new technologies. See our grateful patient stories and videos to discover how we’re fostering patient-centred care, saving lives, reducing wait times—providing a new kind of health care for a healthier community.

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Laura’s Story

At 33 weeks pregnant with her first child, Laura was in excruciating pain. Her husband, David, rushed her to the Emergency Department at Credit Valley Hospital where doctors discovered that her blood pressure was sky high, and her kidneys, liver, and lungs were shutting down. Watch Laura’s remarkable story to discover how your support helps …

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Nicola organized a community fundraising event that raised over $14,000 for our hospital.
Ellie, second from right, with her family

Ellie’s Story

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Indira's Story
Stan & Jessie

Stan & Jessie’s Story

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John’s Story

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Esa Para’s Story

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Dan & Erin

Dan & Erin’s Story

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Anil’s Story

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