Enhanced Spaces and Equipment

Last year was a remarkable year for Mississauga Hospital which saw the acquisition of a Magnetic Resonance Imager (MRI), the opening of the fourth Catheterization Laboratory for the urgent unblocking of coronary arteries, and the opening of the Neurosciences Special Care Unit.

This is another pivotal year of expansion and reconfiguration of capital space and equipment acquisition.

Our most urgent expansion priorities include:

Surgical Biplane

Surgical Biplane for Urgent Stroke Treatment

Two million brain cells a minute are lost during an urgent stroke. The surgical biplane reveals brain-clots and shows the best path for our neurosurgeons to get there to restore blood-flow. Trillium Health Partners has the most stroke admissions in Ontario and our biplane is among the oldest in Canada. Watch this video to learn more about why we need to replace our surgical biplane.

Credit Valley Hospital, Emergency Department photo renderings

Expansion and Redevelopment, Credit Valley Hospital

With the support of the Ontario government and our community, we are beginning construction on the next phase of redevelopment at our Credit Valley Hospital site. To meet the needs of our community, this vital project will see the reconfiguration and redevelopment of some of our most urgently used patient-care spaces, including the Credit Valley Hospital Emergency Department and our Surgery and Diagnostic Imaging Departments.

Cardiac Equipment and Innovation, Mississauga Hospital

Trillium Health Partners is home to one of Ontario’s top Cardiac Health programs. Our Cath Lab has North America’s fastest average treatment time for the urgent treatment of blocked coronary arteries—70 minutes or less from episode to treatment (well below the provincial best-practice goal of 90 minutes). Hospitals around the world now emulate our Cath Lab.

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