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Trillium Health Partners is transforming lives through innovative health care programs, patient-first care, and new technologies. See our grateful patient stories and videos to discover how we’re fostering patient-centred care, saving lives, reducing wait times—providing a new kind of health care for a healthier community.

Grateful patient Kim

Seeing Her Grandchild

Kim was getting ready for her daughter’s baby shower when she was hit with a debilitating headache. She struggled to understand what was happening. “The pain was so intense and unlike anything I’d ever experienced,” Kim recalls. “I was healthy. I’d never been to the hospital before—except for the birth of my three children at …

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Giving with Heart

Rick's Story

Gyno-Mite: Small Team, Mighty Mission

THP’s Gynecologic Oncology Team’s Fundraising Story

Proud to Give Back

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Marlie’s Journey Through Cancer

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The Beer Store’s Commitment to its Communities

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Giving Back, Growing Together

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From Humble Beginnings to Generous Giving

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Didar’s Story

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A COVID-19 Survival Story

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Karen’s Story

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Shari’s Story

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