Aisha’s Story

Once Aisha had a date fixed for her wedding, she wanted to include something special to honour her father, who passed away from cancer the previous year.

Attending some weddings gave her an idea.

“I really enjoyed the weddings where people made donations on behalf of their guests to a charity of their choice,” said Aisha. “This really stayed with me, and when the opportunity came about, I knew that this was definitely something I wanted to do.”

Aisha met her husband only two months after her father had been diagnosed with cancer. The two of them got to know each other for a short time while her father was receiving treatment at the Carlo Fidani Regional Cancer Centre at Trillium Health Partners. When he passed away before the couple became engaged, Aisha wanted to make sure that he would still be a part of their wedding as much as possible.

She read about the Wedding Program at Trillium Health Partners Foundation, and realized that this was a way that she could honour his memory and help people in her own community at the same time.

“It was such a smooth process. I filled out the form on their website, and I got a call. We shared a few emails on the messaging that I wanted, and I really liked the option of being able to choose where the donation was directed. The whole experience was very much built around my dad, and my husband was really supportive of that.

“We had cards at the tables reminding guests that in lieu of wedding favours we would be making a donation to Trillium Health Partners. Everyone was so touched by this, and said that my dad was such a huge part of my wedding even though he wasn’t physically there.”

Even the design of the packaging made it simple and easy for Aisha to collect and deliver the recognition pieces to her wedding coordinator.

“Little things like that have such a huge impact as there are a million things on the go during that time. I would definitely recommend that other couples use the Wedding Program at Trillium Health Partners Foundation, and I hope reading about my experience encourages them to register. Having a chance to give something back in this form meant a lot for me, and I chose to give back directly to the Carlo Fidani Regional Cancer Centre as a way to appreciate and thank them for everything that they did.”

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