Fathers and Sons

Ramesh Jain and wife Asha
Ramesh Jain and wife Asha

Honouring your father is ancient wisdom—the kind of wisdom that gives back generation to generation. Ramesh Jain and his wife Asha honoured his father Nekiram when they established their family business, Nekison Engineering and Contractors LTD. The company’s name means ‘son of Nekiram.’

“I wanted to honour him,” remarks Ramesh. “I was the youngest of seven children and I had a lot of his time in his latter days—I gained a lot of wisdom from him and I wanted to show my gratitude.”

Complex Continuing Care, Queensway Health Centre
Nekison provides advanced commercial-scale heating, cooling, and humidity systems for hospitals, schools, colleges, and condos throughout the greater Toronto area. Ramesh is particularly proud that his company made a significant contribution to the recent renovation of the Moir Family Centre for Complex Continuing Care at our Queensway Health Centre site.

The horseshoe-shaped unit was built as part of the expansion of the Queensway General Hospital in the 1960s. It is home to long-term patients who live with chronic and complex health conditions like heart disease and neurological disorders. Ramesh’s company provided comprehensive, state-of-the-art heating, cooling, humidity, medical gases, and plumbing systems, as well as a special negative-pressure room for vulnerable patients. The newly reopened unit now offers a comfortable, home-like environment for patients and their families.

Giving Even More
But Ramesh didn’t just do all this work—he gave even more. He and Asha were so inspired by our patients and our commitment to exceptional patient care that they decided to give back—donating $100,000 to Trillium Health Partners.

“We are always inspired by those who help others. We wish our hospital all the best and all good luck,” says Ramesh.

The Spirit of Generosity
Their spirit of generosity continues to be evident with their two sons. While many would expect the sons to have joined the successful family business, Ramesh and Asha instead encouraged their boys to freely pursue the vocations they were drawn to. The boys received exemplary educations from their supportive parents, both of them attending Upper Canada College, Columbia University, New York University, and other fine international schools.

One son obtained a PhD in English and now teaches in London, England, while the other has pursued a vibrant career in the theatre as a director. Neither became engineers. And that was okay for Ramesh, who provided love, encouragement, and advice throughout—just as he received from his father.

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