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“Their care changed my life”
Vijaya Katwaroo was born with only one-third of one kidney. And at age 20, that kidney failed. Like her mother before her, Vijaya was forced to go on dialysis, the process of eliminating waste and water from the blood.

Grateful patient, Vijaya Katwaroo
Vijaya and her father.

Nearly 1.3 million Canadians suffer moderate to severe kidney disease, and over 23,000 people are currently on dialysis. Trillium Health Partners provides care for over 1,000 patients through our Kidney Care Clinic. Dialysis takes about four hours per session on average and is required three or four times per week, which can be highly disruptive of life routines.

The news devastated Vijaya—how could this happen to someone so young? She was a regular young woman with regular life routines, and had recently enrolled to study social work at Ryerson University—but was unable to continue her studies. How would she live her life?

“They treated me like a family friend”
She had no idea what to expect at her first dialysis session. “I was terrified,” she says. She was soon relieved, however, upon visiting the Credit Valley Hospital site, where a team of care providers—consisting of a physician, nurses, and a social worker—welcomed her, made her feel comfortable, and alleviated her fears.

“It’s still hard for me to believe, but everyone was amazing. They treated me like a family friend,” recalls Vijaya.

Trillium Health Partners is committed to creating patient-centred services that truly work for patients. We are working to provide unique programs and partnerships beyond our hospital’s walls so that our patients can live as healthy as possible at every stage of their lives.

THP’s Renal Transition Unit
We recently opened the Renal Transition Unit to provide training and support for our renal patients so that they can perform dialysis from home at a time of their choosing. Our innovative Transition Unit—located on Watline Avenue—provides home dialysis training, the latest technology, and comprehensive 24-hour phone support.

Thanks to Trillium Health Partners, Vijaya now self-manages her care and completes her own dialysis while she watches movies in a special room outfitted with her hemodialysis equipment and a large, comfy La-Z-Boy chair.

Care that Works Best for Patients
Renal patients can now seamlessly integrate dialysis into their lives in a way that works best for them. “What is so great,” she remarks, “is that you can do your own thing with no worrying or waiting. I have total flexibility now.” Vijaya is now able to live her life to the fullest as a henna artist, nature enthusiast, and aunt to her sister’s children.

“Going on dialysis ultimately made me even more positive about life,” she says. “It allowed me to be closer to the people I love, and it made me appreciate my life even more.”

Every day up to 15 regular Canadians—like Vijaya—learn that their kidneys have failed. Trillium Health Partners is helping our community’s renal patients live normal lives—on their terms—by helping them self-manage their dialysis.

“Trillium made home dialysis easy—their care changed my life,” says Vijaya.

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