Marguerite’s Story

Marguerite and familyShe didn’t give it much thought at the time.

“There was no history of cancer in my family, let alone breast cancer,” said Marguerite Belanger, who lives in Etobicoke. “I was sure it was a cyst and would go away on its own.”

A few weeks later when the lump in her breast was still there, she decided to check with her doctor and was sent for a mammogram and ultrasound. Within an hour, she was back in her doctor’s office again. The lump was malignant, and she required an immediate biopsy.

“My life turned upside down. I was 52 years old and a sales executive with two children and six beautiful grandchildren. Not only did I have breast cancer, but it was a rare and aggressive form. I needed surgery as soon as possible.”

“I was terrified. Thankfully, Trillium Health Partners was there for me every single step of the way, including diagnosis, surgery, and chemotherapy.”

She received her treatment at the Queensway Health Centre site, close to her home.

“It was so much easier to deal with than what I thought. I can’t say enough about their caregivers that make everything so comfortable and so calming. I was amazed by the respect, warmth and compassion with which I was treated by every member of their team. I felt supported, not just medically, but as a whole person.”

After her biopsy, surgery, reconstruction, chemotherapy, and numerous other treatments and therapies, Marguerite is now cancer free.

“Having Trillium Health Partners in my backyard, and being able to just go down the street to have my chemotherapy and to see my surgeons, has been absolutely amazing. It was such a blessing to not have to travel all the way downtown. I could get excellent care right here, closer to home.”

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