Giving Back, Growing Together

Nacora Canada’s journey to a renewed collective purpose through philanthropy

Nacora Insurance Brokers Ltd is a global leader of Property & Casualty insurance and risk management in the transportation, logistics and supply chain sectors. The company discovered a special synergy as a valued charitable partner with Trillium Health Partners (THP) and the Perinatal Bereavement program back in 2015.

Prior to this, Nacora had made some investments in philanthropy and community service but did not have a formal charitable partner. When Dianna Fioravanti-Ashikwe joined Nacora Canada as CEO & Managing Director in 2014 (she is now President of Nacora North America), she immediately spearheaded a strategy that included community involvement as a key pillar. The goal was to find a cause the company and employees could rally behind and support together.

Located in Mississauga, the company was in discussion with the THP Foundation when a Nacora employee tragically lost an infant shortly after birth. As upper-level management tried to navigate the devastating situation that rippled through the small company, it became an obvious choice to formally partner with THP. Nacora became the first corporate supporter of the THP program that helps families after suffering these kinds of losses, making a pledge to raise $50,000 over five years.

After the announcement, the company had a number of employees come forward and share similar experiences, which affirmed the choice. In fact, every year about 300 families from the Mississauga area experience perinatal loss – including late miscarriages, stillbirths or neonatal deaths.

Over the years, the team has raised funds through staff barbecues, Mud Hero obstacles and bowling events and, most recently, a virtual event called “On Angel’s Wings” in honour of another employee who experienced infant loss.

Pam Castator, Executive Assistant for the organization and instrumental in the planning and execution of many of these events, recalls fondly some of the most well-received fundraising initiatives.

“The Mud Hero obstacle events were a great way to bring our employees together for some competitive fun. Another event fantastically received by staff was the dunk tank where employees were able to dunk several members of management, including Darryl Wolfe, our new CEO & Managing Director!”

As of spring 2021, the company has exceeded their fundraising goal. Beyond the financial contributions, this commitment to philanthropy has helped Nacora’s management and employees connect on a deeper level, achieving the strategic goal of building trust, commitment and a strong sense of collective purpose within the organization.

“A couple years ago a small group of employees and I toured the Perinatal Bereavement program facilities. It was really fulfilling and unbelievable for all of us to see the work THP is doing and to know that Nacora plays a part in that,” says current Nacora Canada CEO & Managing Director Darryl Wolfe.

The funds Nacora has raised over the years have helped the program purchase cuddle cots and cradles, materials for plaster molds used for hand and foot prints, microwaves for the family rooms, a camera, camera supplies, a printer, photo paper and books for bereaving families and staff education. They have also helped support THP’s Resolve Through Sharing (RTS) Training Program, an evidence-based bereavement support approach, ensuring the interdisciplinary teams at THP are equipped to deliver expert, compassionate care to families during those vulnerable times.

“While we feel united and passionate about securing the support for families who experience a loss through pregnancy or after the birth of their child, there are lots of compelling reasons to donate to Trillium,” says Dianna.

Darryl adds, “The process the Foundation took to understand our needs and then align the two organizations is really what makes the magic happen.”

Inspired by Nacora’s story? Engage your team in fundraising for THP, and give them a sense of pride that they are contributing in a meaningful way.

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