Co-Designing a New Kind of Research with Our Donors

Dr. Robert Reid is an internationally-recognized researcher and the first Chief Scientist of Trillium Health Partners’ Institute for Better Health (IBH), which improves the long-term health of our community through practical research.

As an expert in health systems research and population health, Dr. Reid was drawn to THP because of our mission to create a new kind of health care for a healthier community.

“When we see that something is not working, we have to try another approach until we have a real impact on people’s health,” he remarks. He should know. Dr. Reid has vast experience with public health projects as both a medical doctor and researcher.

He was instrumental in developing the delivery of team-based care at Seattle’s Group Health, which resulted in better quality of care, the reduction of health system costs, and improved patient experiences. Now Dr. Reid is applying his vision for high-quality care to our community—with the integral support of our community. Our community’s donors are supporting this practical research—in a sense, co-designing community health with Dr. Reid and the IBH.

A New Kind of Research for a New Kind of Health Care

To best serve our community, he believes, we must create a “patient-centred approach” to research that is based on our patients’ needs and preferences. It’s research that is based on understanding if, how, and why particular groups are able to access health services, and how the delivery of care can be improved to meet their needs.

One project is the Customized Care project, which examines groups based on their common needs (like why certain groups avoid breast-cancer screening), and provides the opportunity to target health services for these groups rather than applying a broad, generic approach. The findings from this project will help redesign our services, communication strategies, and preventative solutions.

Our diverse population is providing a great opportunity to understand the unique needs of the people we serve and how best to provide care for them. And it’s our community that’s supporting us with funding to make our community-relevant research happen.

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