Seeing Her Grandchild

20160111_Kim Standon
Kim was getting ready for her daughter’s baby shower when she was hit with a debilitating headache.

She struggled to understand what was happening. “The pain was so intense and unlike anything I’d ever experienced,” Kim recalls.

“I was healthy. I’d never been to the hospital before—except for the birth of my three children at Mississauga Hospital,” she recounts. She knew something was very wrong and called 911.

The paramedics rushed Kim to the Emergency Department at the Credit Valley Hospital, where CT scan revealed a subarachnoid haemorrhage, a dangerous bleed between the brain and its outer tissues.

She was immediately transferred to the Critical Care Unit at the Mississauga Hospital, and then later to the Neurosurgery Department, a regional centre of excellence.

During her recovery, Kim was cared for by a number of health care professionals and clinicians from various departments—all working together to provide an exceptional, personalized health care plan for her.

What was so remarkable to Kim was just how integrated these health care teams were. “I really appreciated how the hospital sites and units worked so well together for me—the transition between caregivers was seamless.”

“Trillium Health Partners saved my life,” says Kim, “And the chance to see my second grandchild born—something I will be forever grateful for.”

Today, Kim is back to her regular life routines, including a successful return to work, and—most importantly—spending time with her six grandchildren.

Kim was inspired to become a donor and she hopes that her gifts to the hospital will make a difference in the life of other families, just as she benefitted from the generosity of others.

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