Shari’s Story

While Shari was born at Credit Valley Hospital, she never imagined that one day she would return to the same hospital to be saved from a life threatening disease.

It all began in August of last year. Shari noticed an unusual lump on the right side of her neck and began to experience extreme fatigue. She visited her doctor and was sent for a biopsy. When the results came back, she was in shock.

“I was diagnosed with Hodgkin’s lymphoma,” says Shari. “The news was pretty scary, but fortunately the cancer was caught early and I didn’t need radiation.”

Shari needed multiple rounds of chemotherapy – and support from the compassionate team at Trillium Health Partners. “On my first day, I was so afraid,” she recalls. “But the first nurse I met at Queensway Health Centre was so caring. She stayed with me for the entire seven hours of chemotherapy. She made sure I was comfortable and I will always remember her kindness.”

Shari also became aware of the chemotherapy bell, which patients rang once they completed their treatments. It became her goal to ring that bell and, on tough days, provided her with additional motivation. Halfway during Shari’s chemotherapy, the COVID-19 crisis struck and she was no longer able to bring family along to her chemotherapy treatments. And all treatments switched to Credit Valley Hospital due to Trillium Health Partners’ response to the pandemic. “The care I received continued to be outstanding,” she says. “Everything I needed was provided to me every step of the way.”

After Shari completed her chemotherapy, all the nurses that had impacted her cancer experience and who had become like her family gathered to cheer as she rang the bell that marked the end of her treatment. Four weeks later, Shari’s doctor called with the good news. Her cancer was in remission!

Today, Shari is stronger and grateful for your support. “Cancer touches every single person’s life in some way,” she says. “Your generosity can impact a life today, next week, or even 30 years later. Thank you for supporting Trillium Health Partners – and helping me through my cancer journey.”

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