Big Hearted Fundraiser

Young donor raises $680 for children

When Sydney Tai was very young she would always ask her parents what building that was every time they drove by. “That’s the Credit Valley Hospital, where you were born, Sydney,” her parents would reply.

Sydney would then ask about the hospital—what do they do there? Her parents would answer that the hospital helps sick people get better, like how the Mississauga Hospital site helped her when she needed her cast.Sydney Tai and family

Then one day last year Sydney decided that she wanted to help kids in the hospital. “I wanted to make them happy,” she says.

So the six-year-old decided to raise funds for Trillium Health Partners. She dreamed of riding her bike with her daddy over to the Credit Valley Hospital site with a bag of money for children’s care.

A giving child, Sydney created brightly coloured bracelets on her rainbow loom and gave them away in exchange for donations to Trillium Health Partners.

The little fundraiser with the big heart has raised $680 for paediatrics. It’s not surprising because giving has always been a big part of this little girl’s life.

“Sydney has always been a giving, thoughtful child—very empathetic,” says her father, optometrist Dr. Fabian Tai. “She shares her pencils, stickers, everything with everyone.”

“Sydney sees us give through my office,” continues Dr. Tai, who, with his family, donated $15,000 to the Credit Valley Hospital site’s Carlo Fidani Regional Cancer Centre for a new chemotherapy treatment chair in honour of Dr. Tai’s father. “My father was treated like family by the oncology department during his weekly treatments.”

“We’ve taught Sydney to save for education, put some aside for herself, and always to give to a charity,” he says. “We’re thrilled that Sydney chose the Credit Valley Hospital to support because we received such warm care there when she was born.”

“We didn’t bring a bag of money,” says Sydney, “But we did bring a cheque, and I hope my bracelets are making the other kids happy.”

>> Are you interested in joining Sydney and raising funds for Trillium Health Partners? Click here to learn about setting up a personal fundraising website page.

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