Kushalini’s Story

Sometimes people are unsure whether they should visit our Emergency Department because they’re concerned that their situations aren’t urgent. Or they’re afraid of a long wait.

Trillium Health Partners’ Urgent Care Centre at Queensway Health Centre—the only emergency care centre in south Etobicoke—is where many of our patients go for
urgent situations when their family doctors are unavailable.

Grateful patient Kushalini Kumar
Deepak and Kushalini Kumar with their children at Trillium Diwali 2015.

Kushalini and her husband went to Queensway Health Centre’s Urgent Care Centre one evening because of her nagging cough that turned into chest tightening and shortness of breath, which frightened her.

“I didn’t want to panic,” says Kushalini, “But I felt that I should get checked out.”

She was right to do so because tightness of the chest and shortness of breath could indicate a number of conditions.

Kushalini was seen quickly. “From the time I was admitted, throughout the testing process, I knew I was in the right place and in good hands,” she recalls.

“This was my first experience at Trillium and I felt like everyone was there just for me,” says Kushalini.

“I appreciate the care and service I received,” she continues. “I was so moved by everything that I’m inspired to give back now. Trillium is there for us—all of us—when we need it most, so it’s our duty as a community to help out whenever we can.”

Trillium Health Partners is Kushalini’s hospital. Trillium Health Partners is your hospital.

Our Urgent Care Centre is here for you—so you can be seen quickly after hours when your physician is unavailable.

>> Supporting accessible emergency care—like Kushalini received—can be as easy as making a monthly gift.

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