Your Impact

To provide a new kind of health care for a healthier community requires the engaged support of our community. Trillium Health Partners is grateful for that support.

Your monthly giving, philanthropic gifts, in-kind donations, and corporate sponsorships have enabled us to create special programs, renew patient spaces, and make practical innovations through applied research.

Here are some of our many recent achievements that you’ve helped us with:


Every year Trillium Health Partners introduces specialized programs in response to our diverse community’s needs. Here are highlights from the past year:

The Strong and Steady Program - Keeping seniors healthy and well in our community

Strong and Steady is a unique falls prevention program for seniors in our community who are deemed a high risk for falls. Developed in collaboration with the City of Mississauga, this six-week program leads seniors through various strength and balance exercises, and teaches them how to take proper precautions to protect themselves from falls—reducing their risk and keeping them healthier longer.

Putting Patients at the Heart (PPATH) - Creating a seamless transition from hospital to home

PPATH is a partnership with Saint Elizabeth Health Care to provide a 24/7 phone support line that patients can call up to 30 days after returning home from cardiac surgery. The number connects them with an integrated care coordinator who will respond to their questions and concerns, and help determine the most appropriate course of action. This reduces the need for post-discharge Emergency Department visits and hospital readmissions. On average, PPATH patients can return home one day sooner, supporting a choice to recover at home while opening up hospital beds for other patients. Discover more about this award-winning program here.

KidFit Health & Wellness Clinic

KidFit Health and Wellness Clinic - Fitter kids for stronger families

With a generous gift of $1.25 million from the Medavie Health Foundation and support from Ontario’s Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care, we’re making a difference for our kids through our new KidFit Health and Wellness Clinic for children who suffer from child obesity, type 2 diabetes, and related mental health issues. Already in our first intake of referred children, the KidFit Program is helping families achieve greater long-term health.


Every year Trillium Health Partners invests in reconfigured patient-first care spaces and the latest technologies. Here are some highlights:

Computed Tomography (CT) Scanners - Rapid image acquisition

Two new Computed Tomography (CT) scanners have high-performing technology that helps us to identify cancers, cardiovascular disease, infectious disease, and musculoskeletal disorders using X-rays and computers to produce multiple images of the body. Both scanners have increased our diagnostic program’s efficiency and capacity to achieve fast and accurate diagnoses, improve our image quality, and enhance the patient experience.

Colonel Harland Sanders Family Care Centre - Primary medical care access for youth and children

The Colonel Harland Family Care Centre is a walk-in medical clinic with doctors and nurses available to assess and treat minor illnesses and injuries without the need for a medical referral. The centre has recently re-located to offer continued convenient access to primary medical care for youth and children in a patient-centric space that has interactive and storytelling elements to create a more comforting and playful environment.

Redevelopment at our Credit Valley Hospital Site - Revitalizing patient spaces to deliver exceptional care

Our Phase 3 redevelopment project has expanded and reconfigured a number of vital patient-care spaces at our Credit Valley Hospital site, including our Emergency, Diagnostic Imaging, Critical Care, and Surgical departments. These redeveloped spaces will improve patient care and experiences, and help to ensure we are better prepared to continue meeting the needs of our growing and changing community.  


Trillium Health Partners is committed to training the next generation of health care providers for our community:

Dr. Mathias Gysler Research Chair in Patient & Family Centred Care and Scientist at the Institute for Better Health

Dr. Kerry Kuluski has been appointed as the inaugural Dr. Mathias Gysler Research Chair in Patient & Family Centred Care and Scientist at the Institute for Better Health. Dr. Kuluski will grow a research program to evaluate and improve the patient and family experience for our community and beyond. Through collaborations with patients, caregivers, providers, staff, community and academic partners, Dr. Kuluski will support the advancement of patient-centred outcomes measurement. She will also address equity challenges in underrepresented populations to improve experiences, outcomes and the integration of health services.   The Dr. Mathias Gysler Research Chair in Patient & Family Centred Care has been made possible through the generous support of donors and is the result of a growing collaboration between the University of Toronto and Trillium Health Partners.

Simulation-based Training - Advancing a new model of education

This simulation program at Trillium Health Partners offers a unique learning opportunity for staff and students to participate in simulated clinical scenarios that replicate real-life medical situations. Using specially designed mannequins that emulate authentic human responses to care, our staff and students are able to develop and refine their medical skills and clinical reasoning to continue delivering exceptional care to our patients.

The Medical Psychiatry Collaborative Care Certificate

The Medical Psychiatry Collaborative Care Certificate (MP3C) is one of four projects launched by Trillium Health Partners through our partnership with the Medical Psychiatry Alliance. Consisting of modules that focus on co-occurring physical and mental health care needs, this continuing education program provides health care providers with the tools they need to deliver a more holistic approach to treating the patients.