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Celebrating 15 Years of Emergency Cardiac Care

Cardiac patient with nurse and volunteer

Today, Trillium Health Partners performs over 1,000 cardiac surgeries and over 5,000 emergency interventional procedures annually.

However, before our leading Cardiac Health program was established in 2000, many of our community’s urgent patients had to be sent to Toronto.

Our Cardiac Health program was formed entirely around our patients’ needs, so that our patients wouldn’t have to leave the community for emergency cardiac care.

Our program is saving lives—in our community.

Half of Canada’s Beating-Heart Surgeries
THP has also become a provincial leader in ‘beating-heart’ surgery, an innovative bypass surgery that doesn’t require a heart-lung machine.

Over 700 beating-heart surgeries are now done each year at THP—half the number in all of Canada.

North America’s Fastest Average Treatment Times
This year also marks the 15th anniversary of our Interventional Cardiology program, which provides emergency cardiac care in our Catheterization Laboratory (or ‘Cath Lab’).

A STEMI—or ST-Elevation Myocardial Infarction—is a kind of heart attack that happens when a coronary artery is suddenly blocked by a blood clot. THP’s Cath Lab opens the artery through an inserted balloon catheter that inflates in the artery.

Our Cath Lab has North America’s fastest average treatment time for unblocking coronary arteries—in 70 minutes or less, from episode to treatment, well below the provincial standard of 90 minutes.

That’s innovation.

Caring for Every Heartbeat
Your heart beats over 100,000 times a day, or 35 million times a year. For 15 years THP has cared for every single heartbeat of the over two million people of our city and region.

This is what a new kind of health care for a healthier community looks like.

>> Just imagine what we’ll be doing for your heart over the next 15 years with your support.