KidFit Health and Wellness Clinic

Small steps. Lasting change. Lifelong wellness.

Dr. Ian Zenlea and KidFit Health and Wellness team
Dr. Ian Zenlea and the KidFit team

Trillium Health Partners believes that early investment in children’s health can greatly improve long-term health and well-being. In direct response to Peel Region’s above average child obesity and type 2 diabetes (T2D) rates, THP established the KidFit Health and Wellness Clinic.

The two-year referral clinic for kids gets families thinking about lifestyle changes—getting more active, eating healthy, and living better. The clinic offers family based behavioural treatment through individualized care, group education, and physical activity sessions. KidFit is one of the most unique clinics of its kind because it is dedicated to childhood obesity, T2D, and related mental health issues.

With generous support from the Medavie Health Foundation and the Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care, KidFit promotes long-term health through better lifestyle education and choices.

“A growing number of children struggle with health and wellness,” says paediatric endocrinologist and KidFit Project Lead Dr. Ian Zenlea. “Many also struggle with anxiety, depression, and bullying,” he continues. “These can have a very real effect on their lifestyle, which then affects overall physical health.”

The KidFit Difference—Designed with Patients and Families
Similar programs have up to a 73 per cent drop-out rate, so our clinic had to be based around the needs of our patients and families. Our KidFit team—comprised of a paediatrician, dietitian, child psychologist, social worker, activity therapist, nurse, and program manager—structured the program entirely for patients and families.

KidFit is designed in equal partnership with families and engages them throughout to see what works best for them. Families were asked how the program should be delivered. What’s effective? What should we do more of? How can we support you emotionally? Research shows that the more program contact there is the more likely patients will stick with it. It’s working.

Hands-On Health
KidFit is all hands-on. Physical activity sessions are held in community centres. Families attend cooking demonstrations to learn quick, nutritious meals. Field trips to grocery store partner Loblaws help parents shop for nutritious food on a budget.

The feedback from families has been overwhelmingly positive. Parents say they’re “learning lots” and “feel fortunate to be part of the program.”

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