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Trillium Health Partners (THP) believes health care is the backbone to a strong, resilient and thriving community – and it is through the generous support of corporate partners that we can deliver exceptional health care.

THP is here to support our corporate partners, their employees, customers, clients and families, along with our rapidly growing population of 2.2 million people in Mississauga, Peel and Halton regions, west Toronto and surrounding areas. We care for the health care needs of our community at every stage of life – from birth through childhood to adulthood, through to old age and end-of-life.

THP has benefited greatly from the support of our corporate partners who have helped fund treatment technologies, patient care spaces, innovative partnerships, and high-impact research for meaningful ways to improve care. Our corporate partners have also played an essential role in our hospital’s COVID-19 response efforts.

We invite your team to consider working with our dedicated team at THPF on customizing a partnership that helps you deliver on your corporate social responsibility and business objectives, while also contributing to the health and wellbeing of our community for generations to come.

There are several ways you can join our mission to create a new kind of health care. Here are some ideas to get you started:



Recognizing our Corporate Champions

From Humble Beginnings to Generous Giving

When our first daughter was born my wife Nidhi and I didn’t have a lot but I promised myself, whenever I am capable of giving back, I will give back to the amazing team of nurses and doctors at Trillium Health Partners – Raman Dua, Founder & CEO of Save Max Real Estate.

Raman’s commitment to charity stems from his humble beginnings, growing up in his grandmother’s 50-square-foot home in India with his parents, brother and two sisters. Due to limited means, Raman was the only one to get a formal education, later immigrating to Canada in 2003. Despite experience in the pharmaceutical sector and two degrees, he lived modestly in Brampton, taking odd jobs before getting a role at an immigration company and meeting his now-wife, Nidhi.

He grew to love Brampton and was living comfortably, having just bought his first home when, after only four months, the couple decided to sell. Risky as it was, this was the ticket into an entirely new life.

“I made a profit and it sparked an idea. I quit my job and rushed to get my real estate license because I just knew this was the business for me.” In 2006, the same year his daughter was born, he sold over 45 homes, doubling that the year after. He started his own company, Save Max, three years later in his basement.

To date, Save Max has sold more than $5 billion worth of property and recently expanded into rental property management and real estate development. Raman and his tight-knit team of colleagues – he affectionately refers to them as his Save Max family – are fueled by a collective mission to build a thriving community while giving back through philanthropy.

True to the promise he made in the delivery room as he watched his newborn daughter’s chest rise and fall, Raman recently pledged a generous $2.5 million in support of Trillium Health Partners (THP) redevelopment and expansion of Mississauga Hospital, as well as the Women’s and Children’s program at THP.

This donation helps provide supports for new moms, enabling THP staff to do their jobs better.

It’s gratifying to celebrate with our patients as they embark on the next chapter of their lives as parents. We are deeply grateful to the Dua Family and the Save Max team for their profound generosity, which includes providing gift baskets to all new parents. Now we can share in supporting mother and child at home, with the supplies they need, in the first days and weeks. – Dr. Allan Kanee , OBGYN at THP’s Credit Valley Hospital.

THP is close to Ramans heart as all three of his children were born at Credit Valley Hospital. “Each time we came here, Nidhi and I were treated like family,” he says, remembering those cherished moments of his life, welcoming his children into the world with the support and care of dedicated THP staff.

Save Max is also gifting hampers to all new moms at THP, with necessities including a blanket, bib, socks, onesies and more. This gift is especially personal for Raman and Nidhi, who welcomed their third child, daughter Aria, a few weeks ago on March 21.

Sharing gifts is a way of transferring over the emotion of happiness, blessings and best wishes to the other person. This gift connects my family, the family with the new baby and the hospital family together. A symbolic union. – Raman Dua

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