Philanthropic Gifts

Philanthropy has built and sustained Trillium Health Partners (THP) and is now helping us meet the evolving health care needs of our diverse and growing community.

THP uses the charitable support it receives to create a new kind of health care. We are learning, growing and innovating so we can care for more people, more efficiently with even better results – by increasing access and reducing wait times. Community support is essential to fund new treatment technologies and ensure that our hospital has the equipment it needs, when it matters most.

For example, our corporate partners have enabled THP to invest in numerous technology projects, such as a new Cardiac Cath Lab for minimally invasive heart procedures and a new mammography X-ray unit to enhance image quality for our highest-volume breast cancer program – just to name a few.

Every philanthropic investment in THP is vital to our work – and donations that allow us to invest in our highest priority needs are some of the most important we receive. Your generous support of our greatest needs gives us the flexibility to invest where THP needs it most. That means we can be responsive, strategic and agile as we adapt to the changing health care needs of our dynamic community.

We invite you to make an annual donation or pledge your support over multiple years to publicly show you’re invested in health care. Recognition and partnership benefits are available at various donation levels – from corporate supporter window decals to naming a room after your company or in honour of an employee.

Kathleen Cymek

Connect with us today to learn more about how we can work together to help you achieve your corporate social responsibility goals. Please contact Kathleen Cymek, Manager, Philanthropy, at (416) 473-3765 or


From Humble Beginnings to Generous Giving

When our first daughter was born my wife Nidhi and I didn’t have a lot but I promised myself, whenever I am capable of giving back, I will give back to the amazing team of nurses and doctors at Trillium Health Partners – Raman Dua, Founder & CEO of Save Max Real Estate.

Raman’s commitment to charity stems from his humble beginnings, growing up in his grandmother’s 50-square-foot home in India with his parents, brother and two sisters. Due to limited means, Raman was the only one to get a formal education, later immigrating to Canada in 2003. Despite experience in the pharmaceutical sector and two degrees, he lived modestly in Brampton, taking odd jobs before getting a role at an immigration company and meeting his now-wife, Nidhi.

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