Point-of-Sale Campaigns

A Point-of-Sale (POS) Campaign a.k.a. Checkout Charity is when a customer is asked to make a donation to THP as an addition to their purchase. They are popular because they are cost-effective, easy to execute and can help drive sales for your business through co-marketing with THP.

According to Blackbaud’s 2017 Charitable Giving Report, the most common way consumers made a charitable donation over a 2-year period was “checkout donations”.

Here are some common Point-of-Sale Campaigns:

  • Run a campaign where servers ask customers to top up their bill or round-up their purchase, with the top up or round-up going to THP
  • Request donations year-round at the register or automate a donation request on the pin pad
  • Collect loose change from customers with a donation box at each register
  • Offer paper icons for a set donation and display them at store fronts or in restaurants
  • Offer digital options that allow consumers to participate in your campaign online (for example, present consumer with a pop-up window asking if they would like to make a donation to THP or present them with an opportunity to round up their order to the nearest dollar)

Kathleen Cymek

Connect with us today to develop a Point-of-Sale Campaign that shows your customers that you care about their health and the health of their community. Please contact Kathleen Cymek, Manager, Philanthropy, at (416) 473-3765 or kathleen.cymek@thp.ca.

The Beer Store’s Commitment to its Communities

Ontario-based retailer, The Beer Store, joined the fight against COVID-19 by raising funds through coin box donations and empty container returns. This philanthropic effort brought the entire company’s community of customers, managers, employees and senior leadership together to achieve one shared goal: support the health and safety of the communities they work and live in – and love.