Door-to-Door Fundraising

At Trillium Health Partners, we rely on the support of our community to raise the critical funds needed to continue delivering exceptional health care, close to home. That’s why we are hitting the pavement for our door-to-door fundraising campaign. Our official fundraisers wear a Trillium Health Partners branded vest and lanyard with an identification badge. They will be heading to homes in Mississauga and surrounding areas to meet you, our neighbours, and introduce you to our monthly giving program.

When you sign up to be a monthly donor, you are selflessly contributing to our mission to build a new kind of health care for a healthier community. We execute these door-to-door campaigns through our partners, Globalfaces, and are excited to meet you and discuss the benefits of becoming a monthly supporter of our hospital.

COVID Safety – Our Top Priority

It goes without saying that health is our top priority at Trillium Health Partners. We are committed to following strict COVID-19 protocols to ensure the health and safety of you and your loved ones including:

  • Using a doorbell ringer to limit physical contact with high-touch surfaces at your home
  • Not sharing materials or documents for a touchless experience
  • Wearing a face mask to protect both you and the fundraiser
  • Maintaining distance between you and the fundraiser

For more information on our COVID-19 safety protocols, please visit the Globalfaces fundraising protocol page here.

Peel Region and Trillium Health Partners have been among the hardest hit communities across the province throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. We will experience a higher demand for healthcare in the next 20 years more than any other hospital in Ontario.

We are consistently operating over capacity and must make some changes to meet the health needs of our growing community. By 2041, we will grow by about 45%, adding approximately one million new residents. Your generous donations create an impact where it’s needed most now and in the unforeseeable future. Our THP fundraisers are in the neighborhood looking for your support so we can build a better health care for our community.

The pandemic has been extremely challenging for everyone and nowhere are these challenges felt more strongly than in health care, where we have been on the front lines since the beginning. Our hospital has always relied on the support of the community to deliver exceptional health care services, patient experiences, leading-edge equipment and more – and that need has only grown exponentially as the pandemic has continued. Not only has the pandemic exacerbated certain conditions, like mental health, our community is rapidly growing. Put simply, we rely on community support to ensure we are equipped to protect the health of you and your loved ones – both during the pandemic and beyond.

Further, health and safety is our top priority – we are a hospital after all! At Trillium Health Partners all of our door-to-door fundraisers adhere strictly to the safety protocols outlined by our third-party partners, Globalfaces. All fundraisers practice social distancing, wear adequate PPE and limit contact with high-touch surfaces. For more information, click here.

Each fundraiser will be wearing a Trillium Health Partners Foundation branded vest, lanyard and key tag for proper identification.

To collect your payment information safely, we use a process known as a ‘third-party verification call.’ You dial into one of our confirmation centres and an agent will confirm your personal information and collect your payment information in order to complete the secure transaction.

Our fundraisers will never ask for cash, cheque, or your credit information at the door. Our contact center will have the following number: 1-800-350-5442. This number appears on the canvassers’ ID badges.

While we encourage our supporters to join as monthly donors, we certainly appreciate one-time payments, too. We recommend monthly donations because they are the best way to make the biggest impact. Your regular gift to our hospital help transform lives through innovative health care programs, patient-first care and new technologies by enabling the purchase of new equipment like MRI and X-ray machines, CT scanners and more. This supports our core programs like Cancer, Cardiac, Emergency Medicine, Surgery and more.

You should receive a confirmation email within 24 hours. Our fundraisers will never ask for cash, cheques or your credit information at the door. Our contact center will have one of the following numbers that will show up on caller ID: 1-833-678-0907 (toll free number) or 647-943-2826 (local). These numbers can also be found on the back of canvassers’ badges.

Please reach out to us at Trillium Health Partners via telephone at 905-848-7575 or email us at

Our fundraisers will never ask for cash, cheques or your credit information at the door.

You can use credit card or debit card. We use a verification process where our contact center will call you to verify the information and confirm payment details. The toll free number 1-833-678-0907 will on the front of the canvasser’s badges or on screen display.


Questions about monthly giving?

Please contact Trillium Health Partners Foundation at (905) 848-7575 or