Better Together 50/50 Lottery


The Better Together 50/50 Lottery is open to all Trillium Health Partners employees* and volunteers. Entry is $7 and will be deducted on a bi-weekly basis via payroll and includes two draws per pay period. Each employee may purchase a maximum of 6 tickets.

Draws are held every Wednesday at 9 a.m. and winners will be contacted by phone.

Half (50%) of the proceeds collected will be awarded to the winner, while the other half will support Trillium Health Partners.

Prize amounts vary with participation, up to a  maximum of $12,250 per draw.

*Better Together 50/50 Lottery is only open to Trillium Health Partners hospital employees and volunteers.  Trillium Health Partners Foundation Staff, Board members and THP physicians are not eligible to enter the draw.

To enroll anytime in the Better Together 50/50 Lottery:

Please complete the enrollment form here. It may take up to two weeks for payroll to process this request. You will receive an email confirmation along with a copy of your tickets in the mail in the coming weeks.

Additional Details:

Volunteers: Please reach out to for an enrollment form.

Participants must be 18 years of age or older.

Be sure to carefully read our lottery Rules & Regulations or call 416-662-8365 to request a copy.

Lottery License Number: 1201366

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For questions about the Better Together 50/50 Lottery, please contact Alison Walters, Coordinator, Philanthropy at 416-662-8365 or