Monthly Giving

Have a deeper, collective impact on the daily successes at our three hospital sites, and help us make your gifts even more meaningful today.

We need your valued monthly support. Monthly giving has funded important equipment like a Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) machine, and new programs such as Putting Patients at the Heart (PPATH) to provide ongoing care for cardiac patients once they arrive back home.

With your help as a monthly donor, we can purchase new equipment like a MRI and enable our hospital to continue to provide exceptional care for you and your loved ones.

> Become a monthly donor today and receive news and updates on programs that matter to you, invitations to exclusive events, and a consolidated tax receipt for the combined total of your annual gifts.

Frequently Asked Questions

You can also become a monthly donor by downloading this form, and mailing your enrollment details to the Foundation or by calling (905) 848-7575.
Trillium Health Partners Foundation is looking for people like you to become a monthly donor. We have partnered with Strategic Communications, who will be conducting phone calls on our behalf to raise critical funds to support the purchase of vital equipment at Trillium Health Partners, through a monthly giving calling campaign.
Your donation will be deducted on the 1st or 15th of each month, unless you have enrolled online. Online donations are processed on the day you selected when enrolling.
Undesignated gifts allows us to support the highest priority needs at Trillium Health Partners. If you would like to direct your donation to a particular program or site please let us know.
A consolidated tax receipt will also be mailed to you each February detailing the combined annual total of your gifts.
If you would like to make-up for a missed donation, please contact Trillium Health Partners Foundation (905) 848-7575 or and we will arrange to make up the missed payment.
To change your monthly gift amount or payment information, please contact Trillium Health Partners Foundation at (905) 848-7575 or by email at Please note we require 5 business days to process this request.
We do mail our donors who have missed a payment. If you have any concerns about a piece of mail that you received from Trillium Health Partners Foundation, please contact us at (905) 848-7575 or by email at
There is no automatic end date to a monthly gift.
We are very sorry to lose you as a monthly donor. Please note that you can also change your monthly gifts to something more manageable for you. To cancel or change your monthly gift, contact Trillium Health Partners Foundation at (905) 848-7575 or Include all relevant information in your request (full name, mailing address and phone number) so we can identify your record in our database. Please note we require 5 business days to process these requests.
 Unfortunately not at this time. Please contact us at (905) 848-7575 of and we would be happy to assist you.


Questions about monthly giving?

Please contact Trillium Health Partners Foundation at (905) 848-7575 or