Long-time friend, Foundation Board member, and former Tim Hortons executive Bill Moir gives $1 million to establish the Moir Family Centre for Complex Continuing Care.

Trillium Health Partners is grateful to all who give, in the many individualized ways that our donors, volunteers, and leadership philanthropists do—each of us according to our abilities and capacity.

It is the variety of people of our hospital—of our community—that makes us strong. And it is the variety of giving that makes Trillium Health Partners a uniquely dynamic hospital.

When you make a transformative or leadership gift to Trillium Health Partners, you are providing immediate, catalytic change to the ways that we deliver patient-first care. Philanthropic gifts have dynamic impact because they can be structured as multi-year gifts towards any area of health care investment.

Philanthropy enables Trillium Health Partners to:

  • Acquire essential equipment and life-saving technologies, like cardiac care technologies like the MitraClip, cardiac ultrasound monitors, and defibrillators.
  • Reconfigure capital space into patient-centred spaces, like the expansion and redevelopment of the Credit Valley Hospital.
  • Establish medical education endowments for the future of innovative medical training in our community through the Mississauga Academy of Medicine with the University of Toronto.
  • Foster the practical innovations that emerge from applied research from our Institute for Better Health.

Trillium Health Partners is preparing now for the specialized health care needs of our community over the next 25 years—particularly in the area of seniors’ health and wellness. Leadership philanthropy enables those future changes now. There is no giving as immediately impactful and transformative as leadership philanthropy. The legacy of such giving is enduring—the impact immediate.

>>Trillium Health Partners respectfully asks for your consideration of a multi-year investment in transformative health care today.

To learn more about philanthropic gifts, please contact Nicole Lamont, Vice President, Philanthropy, at 416.457.7861 or