A gift of stocks or securities offers numerous advantages over a cash donation. Both types of donation provide official income tax receipts. However, gifts of stocks offer the additional benefit of no payment of capital gains tax upon the selling of the stocks.

How it Works


Donors advise the Foundation of their intention to donate by submitting a Gift of Securities form online.

Trillium Health Partners Foundation alerts its investment broker regarding the gift’s details (company of stocks held and volume of shares donated).

The donor transfers the stock into the Foundation’s account, and our investment broker is instructed to sell immediately.

Any gains or losses are absorbed by Trillium Health Partners Foundation solely, and are not the donor’s responsibility.

An Example


A donation of 500 units of Corporation INC stock is donated. The end-of-day unit price is $59.00. The donor had originally purchased the stock for $19.00, resulting in a significant capital gain of $40.00 per unit.

The donor’s original investment of $9,500 (500 x $19.00) now generates an official tax receipt for $29,500 (500 x $59.00).



Donors do not pay the capital gains tax normally incurred when selling stock.

Donors receive a tax benefit for the entire amount, making the net cost of their donation lower than a cash donation.

Donors do not have to go to the trouble or expense of converting the stock into cash—the Foundation processes the transaction.

Gifts of shares are making Trillium Health Partners stronger every day by enabling the hospital to allot the full value of donations directly to the most urgent area of need, or to an area directed by the donor.

Trillium Health Partners Foundation is grateful to all our donors regardless of what method they choose to invest in transformative healthcare.

>> To make an investment in advanced health care through a gift of stocks, please complete the Gift of Securities Form.

Nicole Lamont, Associate Vice President, Leadership GivingIf you have any questions about gifts of securities, please contact Nicole Lamont, Vice President, Philanthropy, at 416.457.7861 or