Gifts of Shares

Did you know that when you sell shares—even to donate the proceeds to charity—a significant portion will be taxed?  This reduces the impact of your gift because 50 percent of the shares’ appreciated value (the capital gain) is taxable.

When you transfer ownership of your shares to Trillium Health Partners Foundation, no capital gains tax is paid.  Because Trillium Health Partners Foundation liquidates donor-transferred shares, stock, bonds, mutual funds, or securities, the full value of your health care investment goes to our hospital—at a reduced net cost to you and your estate.


  • No capital gains tax.
  • Official tax receipt for the total appreciated amount, reducing the net cost to you and your estate.
  • Comfort knowing that your donation’s maximum value will enable exceptional patient care.

Three steps to better health for a better tomorrow:

1. Download our Gift of Shares form.

Our form contains easy-to-follow instructions. 

2. Complete, sign, and send to your broker

You may fax, mail, or email our form to your financial broker to authorize the transfer of your shares to Trillium Health Partners Foundation

3. Notify Trillium Health Partners Foundation

Finally, we ask that you send a signed copy of your form to Linda Charlebois, Vice President Finance & Business Operations, at


If you have any questions about gifts of shares, please contact Nicole Lamont, Vice President, Philanthropy, at 416.457.7861 or