We can plan on it together


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Inspiring stories of planned giving to our hospital

Planned gifts—or estate and willed gifts—enable our hospital to plan today for the future health of our community. Planned gifts can come in any size or style—it depends on your plans.  Here are a few ways that our generous donors have recently included Trillium Health Partners in their plans.

Planning for advanced treatment technologies

Remy of Oakville made a gift of $10,000 in his will when our Cardiac Health program had only recently been established. His plan was to support advanced cardiac treatment technologies.
His gift was later used to equip a Catheterization Lab, which would go on to achieve the fastest heart attack treatment times in Ontario. Remy’s planned gift continues to touch countless lives today.

Planning to show you care as much as we do

A lifelong Mississauga resident and young mother, Veda wanted to support her hospital in her time through a planned gift because of the compassionate cancer care her mother had received. “We decided to include Trillium Health Partners in our future plans because we were so grateful for the extra time with my mother that her care permitted,” says Veda.

Planning for your family—and your hospital

Raj and Ashani were approaching retirement when they decided to divide their estate equally among their three sons—and Trillium Health Partners. “We wanted to do something lasting for our hospital,” remarks Raj. “Once we spoke with our advisor,” says Ashani, “we realized that we could help our children and support our hospital, in part because the charitable tax receipt nearly offset the gift.” We all have our reasons to give.  Thank you to our generous community for making Trillium Health Partners part of your plans!

Please join those who planned for us all, so that we may extend their legacy. You are the difference today for a healthier tomorrow.

 Download our Planned Giving materials and learn more:

We can plan on it together

Learn more about the different ways to plan a gift.


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Types of Planned Giving

Planned gifts can come in nearly any form—it depends on you. Estates are all unique and come in different sizes, just like the visionary people who plan for estate gifts. Here are a few ways that we can plan for the future—together.

Gifts of shares

A gift of shares provides an official income tax receipt and the additional benefit of no capital gains tax.

Gifts of Estate

Making Trillium Health Partners Foundation the owner and beneficiary of an estate is easy, and can be done in multiple ways.

Bequests or residual gifts

A bequest is a gift through your will of a set amount or percentage of your estate.

>> Did you know that life insurance, stocks, retirement funds, and endowments can be designated to Trillium Health Partners through your will? Learn more.

Estate Planning & Tax-Smart Giving

Watch a recording of our October 15th 2020 live webinar to learn more about estate planning and tax-smart giving.

If you would like to share your plans with us, please contact:

Lindsay Murray at 905.848.7580 extension 3336 or Lindsay.Murray@thp.ca