Wills and Estates

Trillium Health Partners had over 1.6 million patient visits last year—the highest patient volumes in Ontario. THP helps more patients—and more often—than any other Ontario hospital. Mississauga is expected to grow by 63 per cent by 2035, an increase of over 650,000 people.

Planning for the Generations to Come
Imagine where we’ll be in 25 years. Our facilities will require expansion. Our equipment will need upgrading. Providing transformative health care for tomorrow requires the foresight of a personal vision today. It’s about a commitment to the future of our community—and the generations to come.

Roland Nyers could never have known the full extent of his will’s bequest to Trillium Health Partners. All he knew was that he wanted to support cardiac equipment. What he didn’t know was that his gift would help THP open its catheterization laboratory, which would go on to achieve North America’s fastest time for treating heart attacks. Mr. Nyers’s vision then is saving lives now.

An Estate Gift–An Enduring Legacy
You can provide that vision through an estate gift to Trillium Health Partners in your will. An estate gift—of any size—provides an official tax receipt that can help offset taxes that would otherwise reduce what you leave to others.

A Respectful, Private Conversation
Making an estate gift is an entirely private process. Trillium Health Partners Foundation respects our donors’ privacy and communication preferences. We respect your anonymity. Making an estate gift begins with a simple, confidential conversation.

If you have already included Trillium Health Partners in your will, we offer our sincere thanks, and respectfully ask that you let us know so that we may appropriately recognize your generosity.

Looking Beyond Today–For Us, For Them, For all Time
A willed gift reflects your vision to look beyond today. It is a legacy, an enduring commitment to our hospital, our community, and to the generations of families who will most assuredly benefit from your remarkable generosity—for us, for them, for all time.

>> Did you know that life insurance, stocks, retirement funds, and endowments can be designated to Trillium Health Partners through your will?

Joel Cote
If you would like to learn more about wills and estates, please contact Joel Cote, Director, Campaign, at 905.848.7580 extension 7236 or Joel.Cote@thp.ca.