Caring for Our Littlest Patients

Caring for Our Littlest PatientsThe Emergency Department (ED) at our Credit Valley Hospital site is over thirty years old and was only meant to see 50,000 patients a year. It was designed to meet the health care needs of our community over 25 years ago – when patient volumes were substantially lower.

Credit Valley Hospital has the largest Emergency Medicine program of all greater Toronto area hospitals. Many of its patients are children and their families.

Committed to Patient-Centred Design
Trillium Health Partners is committed to patient-centred design, and is revitalizing and expanding the Emergency Department at our Credit Valley Hospital site, nearly doubling its size. Additionally, we’re creating special areas for some of our most vulnerable patients—our community’s children.

Our new child-friendly spaces will include a comfortable waiting area for children and their families. “The best emergency care,” remarks Dr. Eric Letovsky, Program Chief and Medical Director of Emergency Medicine, “depends not only on the best team, but also the best space.”

“Child-friendly spaces,” he continues, “foster a less intimidating experience and are critical to providing the best therapeutic experiences.”

Cheerful and Bright—Reducing Anxiety
The examination and treatment rooms will be entirely child-oriented. They will be full of natural light from the large windows, have a cheerful orange accent wall, and the floors will have large, brightly coloured spots.

They will also have recognizable features of the home, like smaller chairs, a large television, and a kitchenette—so that families’ anxieties are reduced, exposure to infection mitigated, and patient confidentiality assured.

“Our Emergency Department,” says Dr. Letovksy, “should be a haven for those in physical need and emotional distress. Our child-friendly spaces will be precisely that.”

>> Please make a donation towards the expansion of our Emergency Department at our Credit Valley Hospital site today.