Iconic Sam McDadi Real Estate Team Partners with Trillium Health Partners

Sam McDadi and TeamThe McDadi name is iconic across the greater Toronto area, particularly in Mississauga, where Sam McDadi has always called home and has established one of the most prestigious real estate brokerage firms in the GTA—ranked first by the Toronto Real Estate Board for the past seven consecutive years.

“I’ve worked hard and I’ve been blessed,” says McDadi with his characteristic modesty and broad smile. “Now I want to give back to my community even more.”

“My team is dedicated to serving the communities of the GTA so that families find the best possible housing available,” he says. “We’re also proud to support exceptional health care at Trillium Health Partners because quality shelter and good health are essential to a life of promise,” he continues.

This week, the Sam McDadi Real Estate team pledged $250,000 in support of patient care at Trillium Health Partners.

“I’ve always endeavoured to find the perfect home for my clients, and Trillium Health Partners is committed to providing the highest quality care across their three sites—this is an excellent partnership.”

Life lessons on the tennis court
McDadi grew up in Mississauga, where in his younger days he was passionate about tennis. McDadi would later be awarded a tennis scholarship at a prominent American college.

“I was a competitive collegiate player and thoroughly enjoyed my university experience,” recalls McDadi, who completed a Bachelor of Science degree and an MBA. He still regularly enjoys the game, time permitting for the busy entrepreneur.

“I learned a lot about hard work, discipline, and commitment on the tennis court,” he remarks. “It also taught me valuable life lessons about how one person can always make a difference and be a meaningful part of the community.”

Serving families across the GTA
McDadi has always made it his goal to give back to the communities he serves.

“Having worked hard for the families of the GTA for approximately thirty years,” says McDadi, “I felt that my team and I should increase our support for health care in the community. It’s very rewarding for me and my entire team to support the excellent work that Trillium Health Partners does every day.”

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