There’s a light at the end of the tunnel

Since the start of COVID-19, Trillium Health Partners has been on the front lines, working to respond to the pandemic. In the last six months, we’ve reached some major milestones we’re proud to say will help bring this pandemic to an end, including administering the first vaccine in Peel Region, and hundreds of thousands of vaccinations since, at both our mass vaccination clinics.

In response to growing questions on the virus, we teamed up with our medical professionals to create a media series, informing the public on Frequently Asked Questions related to COVID-19, while also launching town halls with our donors for their own questions about COVID-19.

To keep the public informed on vaccination rates, we’ve also created our own COVID-19 Vaccination Tracker, providing updates on how many vaccinations we’ve administered so far — a number we’re proud to say is increasing more and more each day.

The last year and half has been unlike any other year we’ve seen before, but we’re happy to say that each day we are moving closer and closer to a time when we can gather together with our family and friends once again.

THP COVID-19 Vaccine Tracker


Total Vaccines Administered


*As of August 11, 2021

Thank you from our health care champions

Trillium Health Partners Foundation is so incredibly grateful for all that you do in helping to fund life-changing and life-saving opportunities. You are the backbone of what we do each day, and here is just a glimpse into what you have helped support in the last few months.

Thank you from Dr. Munir Jamal, MD FRCSC

His whole life, Dr. Jamal only ever wanted to be a doctor. Inspired by his father, he began pursuing the career in school. When he first started medical school, he thought he would be a cardiologist, but by his third year, he realized that what excited him the most was working with his hands in surgery. He saw that urology provided a
good mix of surgery and ongoing care for patients that he would be able to get to know through the years.
Now a doctor for over 20 years, he finds surgery immensely gratifying as he’s able to help people, often with a specific problem that requires a surgical solution. To him, it’s an extreme privilege being able to care for patients during some of the hardest times in their lives.
For Dr. Jamal, the importance of community support cannot be overstated. He’s very grateful for all the generous donors that contribute to the good work happening at Trillium Health Partners.
“When I began practicing I had no idea how hospital funding worked, and had no idea as to the importance of foundation and community engagement on basic hospital functions. Needless to say, I have come to recognize how critical this work is, and it is only through the support of the community that we are able to provide the care we do. I suspect most people don’t know how integral community support is to the hospital.”
– Dr. Munir Jamal, Head Division of Urology at Trillium Health Partners

Thank you from Roy Ostil, RN

Originally planning to be a high school biology teacher, Roy’s mother encouraged him to become a nurse instead. While studying to be a nurse, he became interested in oncology and decided to make that his focus. Now after working as an oncology nurse for over 30 years, Roy just retired in May, but he still sees his career as an ongoing experience.
“Every experience and every patient [is] different. You learn different life lessons and hopefully apply it to different situations whether [in] your personal life or with other patient encounters. Being an oncology nurse active or retired is an ongoing experience. I hope that when patients and their families see the hard work happening at Trillium, they’re encouraged to donate.”
– Roy Ostil, Registered Nurse, Trillium Health Partners


Because of you: A season of life-changing impact

Redevelopment of our Cath Lab 4

An integral examination room that uses diagnostic imaging equipment to visualize the arteries and chambers of the heart, our Cath Lab 4 was the oldest of our Cath Labs. Although it was still functional, it required updates to be fully operational and accommodate both scheduled and emergency cases.


Because of community support, the new space is now fully remodelled with high-tech facilities and equipment, including:

A ceiling mounted X-ray system, providing crisp, real-time imaging so physicians can view the patient’s heart during diagnosis and treatment.
An intravascular ultrasound machine that uses sound waves to produce images of the heart’s arteries, allowing the team to view and measure specific arteries for areas of narrowing.

Care for our seniors during a period of extreme uncertainty

Through the generous support of donors like you, Hospital Elder Life Program (HELP) continues to be a vital resource at Trillium, as we care for hospitalized seniors who are at risk of delirium and functional decline. Because of visitation restrictions during the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, we had to pause our hospital’s volunteer program, which included our 67 HELP volunteers.

With the assistance of some temporary part-time staff members who filled the roles of our volunteers, HELP was able to continue its daily activities on a smaller scale, focusing efforts on patients who were at highest risk. Our patients’ families were so grateful to know that their loved ones were being cared for, and able to spend quality time with our team members. The HELP team was also involved in training externs and staff on the new Seniors Care Unit on the importance of delirium and functional decline prevention, and the use of Gentle Persuasive Approaches in addressing unmet needs in persons with dementia.

Specialized mental health training to care for our community’s children

The RBC Paediatric Mental Health Urgent Care Program enables our team to continue providing specialized consultations and clinical interventions for children and youth in urgent need of mental health care. The program has helped train clinicians using a new model called CAMS (Collaborative Approach to Managing Suicide) that provides a specific framework for treating suicidal thinking.

The generosity of extraordinary donors like you was integral to making this program a reality. This community support ensures our clinicians have the resources they need to focus on responding to our patients, particularly as the pandemic continues to take a toll on the mental health of our community’s children and youth.


Thank you for standing with us during this unprecedented time!

As we face new, more urgent health issues in an ever-changing community, please give as generously as you can once again.

Give Again


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