Laura’s Story

Laura was curled up on the floor, unable to move. The pain was unbearable, but she couldn’t reach the phone to call for help. She was terrified—especially considering she was 33 weeks pregnant and with her first child.

When her husband David came home, he rushed Laura to Credit Valley Hospital. He feared not only losing his wife but his child as well. Once there, Laura was diagnosed with a rare and life-threatening form of Preeclampsia, which is a complication during pregnancy that affects a woman’s blood flow. She and her baby immediately received emergency care, which saved their lives.

Today, whenever Laura looks at her beautiful daughter Audrey, she is grateful for the wonderful team at Trillium Health Partners who kept her young family together.



Laura and husband David going home with baby Audrey

“None of us want to end our day in the hospital. But when you do, you want the very best care. That’s why I think we’re very lucky to have this hospital in our community, closer to home.”

– Laura and David