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Kevin’s Story

Kevin was due to be married in a few weeks when his heart stopped.

It was the end of the work week and Kevin was now home and watching TV. But he was bothered by a pain in his chest that wouldn’t go away. His fiancée, Savi, urged him to go the Emergency Department.

Only 35 and never sick, Kevin finally agreed and they went to the ED at Credit Valley Hospital. When he arrived his heart stopped and he collapsed to the floor. He was having a heart attack.

A Code Blue was called and, as Savi remembers, the ED team came running, began compressions and tried to restart his heart with a defibrillator. The moments dragged on and Savi heard someone say, “No pulse” and saw the team members looking at each other – and she began to fear the worst. She pleaded with them, “We’re supposed to get married in three weeks and we’ve promised each other so many things. Please keep trying.”

Kevin’s limbs kept moving during the compressions, “So we knew you were there, and knew you were fighting,” said a team member. After a very long 38 minutes, his heart began beating again. Kevin was then rushed to Mississauga Hospital, where the cath lab team opened up the blockage that almost killed him.

A year later, Kevin and Savi returned to the ED to say thanks to the team that saved his life. After hugs and some tears, Kevin told the THP team that

“Because of you guys I get to be here …. So I promise I will be the best version of myself.”

Savi added, “Keep doing what you’re doing. You gave me back my husband – thank you!”

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