Thank You to our Donors

Trillium Health Partners is there for our community, and patients like Richard, when they need us the most. Your generosity enables us to invest in new technologies and innovations, facility upgrades, breakthrough research and more, so that we can continue to be there, providing the highest quality of care now, and for future generations to come. Thank you for being there for us when we need you the most.

Happy National Philanthropy Day!


Richard’s Story

In the very early days of the pandemic, before the lockdown, Richard flew to Miami for a regatta. On his return he developed a cough and a fever and went for a COVID-19 test: positive. He was concerned because he had a history of lung issues. As his condition worsened, he was taken by ambulance to Trillium Health Partners for an X-ray, and would not leave for a harrowing three weeks.

Richard was quickly transferred to the ICU and on the ninth day was told to call his wife. His condition was dire and he now needed to be intubated. It was a very difficult call because Richard and his wife, Lori, both knew the odds. Lori immediately drove to the hospital to sit in her car, watching his window and praying. For Richard, falling asleep at night was almost impossible, and he dreaded the periodic suctioning of his lungs.


During those difficult four days on a ventilator, Richard drew comfort from his family and the compassionate staff at THP. He remembers one nurse who would squeeze his hand and say, “You’re going to be okay.” After a few days, his condition began to improve and he was taken off the ventilator and was soon able to go home. As he was wheeled out of the hospital, the ICU staff applauded.

Grateful for the care he received, Richard made a gift to the hospital shortly after. And six months later, he returned to say thank you to the team that saved his life. He was so impressed with the hospital staff, who put themselves in harm’s way during my care. “I’m here today, and want to thank all of you, I can’t say this enough,” says Richard.