Thank you to our fundraisers!

Community fundraising plays an important role in bringing people together while raising much needed funds for various areas of Trillium Health Partners (THP). Thank you for supporting us with your fundraising efforts. The time, energy and commitment that went into planning and hosting your initiatives means so much to us and, thanks to your contributions, we are able to provide the resources our health care teams need to offer exceptional care to every patient who visits our hospital.

Your support by the numbers*

Over $ 1.6 million
raised for THP

More than 100 events and community initiatives

*in fiscal year 2019/2020

Below are just a few ways that your support has impacted care across our three hospital sites:

Supporting our COVID-19 response efforts

When the pandemic arrived in our part of the world, THP was on the front lines of the COVID-19 crisis. Your generosity over the past few months provided our hospital with the funds and in-kind items to respond to our urgent needs and ensure our health care teams were safe and supported as they cared for our community. This included items like personal protective equipment, lab materials and supplies, ventilators and other hospital equipment, along with donated meals and snacks to keep staff morale and energy up while they continued to care for our patients under trying conditions.

Partnering to reduce NICU transfers

Over the last two years, THP and the Hospital for Sick Children (SickKids) have implemented a formal partnership around NICU transfers. This has expanded the scope of our NICU capabilities so we can care for more high-need newborns in our community and reduce the number of transfers to SickKids for complex care. To support this initiative, we have purchased new ventilators and other devices that provide respiratory support for more babies at our hospital.

Remodeling our approach to care

In 2018, THP piloted a highly innovative seven-day-a-week treatment model to provide high quality care to our growing number of patients during the replacement of one of our six linear accelerators – a technology that allows for precise radiation treatment of tumours. Because of its success, our cancer program reinstated this treatment model this year as we replace two more linear accelerators, one at a time. Your generosity enables us to acquire equipment like these linear accelerators, so we can continue to meet rising patient demand and provide the highest level of care.

Enabling suicide prevention in children and youth

Last September, THP launched Project Now with the Government of Ontario and its cross-sector core partners – the Dufferin-Peel Catholic District School Board, Peel Children’s Centre, Peel District School Board and Peel Public Health. This fully coordinated, community-wide initiative tackles child and youth suicide by fostering hope and resiliency, coordinating access to care options that meet the needs of children, youth and families, and by building connections that promote learning and understanding about suicide. Donor support was integral in making this project a reality and will continue to provide the funds needed to advance this project.

Harnessing the power of technology

So much of modern health care depends on technology and your support of our equipment needs enables THP to acquire the newest and best to support patient care.
Thanks to you, we have been able to acquire various important pieces of equipment, including:
  • Our new surgical biplane, an essential tool for rapid, life-saving stroke treatment that allows surgeons to quickly locate and remove blood clots without open surgery.
  • The new MRI, which enhances the patient experience with features and benefits that include ample room and comfort, shorter exam times and technology that adjusts to a patient’s unique biodiversity.
  • Our new heart-lung machine, which takes over the heart and lung function during cardiac surgery so surgeons can stop a patient’s heart while they operate.
  • The new digital mammography machine, which combines better image resolution with greater comfort for patients.

Rachel’s Story

When Rachel Braga was told she had cancer at the age of 35, with a daughter only eight, and twin five-year-old boys, she was shocked. Treated successfully, she then began to experience panic attacks. At Trillium Health Partners (THP), she was referred to the coping clinic at the Carlo Fidani Regional Cancer Centre. For Rachel it was huge and, out of gratitude for the help she received, she and her daughter sold scrunchies to raise funds for the clinic. Read more

Thank you

With your support, THP is advancing care across our programs to meet the growing and ever-more complex health needs of our community. Thank you for your efforts: they are most appreciated and ensure the hospital can offer exceptional care for your family, friends, colleagues, customers and neighbours, close to home.